Starting a life in a new country or even an extended residency for studies or work can be daunting. Especially so if you don’t speak the language and are unfamiliar with the culture.

And I say this from personal experience. I’ve spent more than half my adult life in foreign shores from the United Kingdom to India. Everything from work permits to dealing with internet providers was quite an experience!

As you acclimate with the French way of life you can count on me to be the person I wish I had access to each time I was starting a life in another country. For 3 years now, I have been helping people like yourself, with tasks small and big, that allow them to integrate seamlessly into the French way of life. My French heritage and access to a truly global experience give me a unique ability to anticipate and empathise with your specific challenges no matter how mundane.

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A little about me

I’ve worked for large global corporates in the tourism and trade fair sectors in various roles for over 20 years. My work in the tourism and trade fairs sectors took me from Big Ben to the Taj Mahal via the Eiffel Tower. A few years ago, I decided it was time to return to my home country. I hadn’t yet decided what I would do once I got back. Still, I knew it had to involve working directly with customers, solving their problems, engaging with them without the layers that a corporate environment unwittingly builds in.

When I returned to France after years abroad, I experienced first hand the sometimes frustrating and cumbersome journey through the French administrative system.

And I knew what I wanted to do.

I started my small business providing personalised logistical and administrative services to an international clientele settling in France. My Frenchness gives me an advantage while navigating the local administrative system. And my years as a corporate vagabond, moving from country to country, allow me a unique empathy for the challenges my customers face.

I live and work in Paris, but I often hop on a train to travel over France or abroad to visit clients, friends and family.

If you are moving here, welcome to the home of cheese, baguette, good food and the French bureaucratic system! I look forward to helping you settle in.

Happy customers

Charlotte & Austin; British

We chose Delphine specifically because, unlike many hand holding service providers, she is French. She understands the processes and bureaucracy in a way that only comes from being brought up here. Equally, because she has moved back to France herself, she understands many of the hurdles new arrivals encounter.

She couldn’t haven’t been nicer to work with. She was patient and took time to make sure we understood everything going on. She was also on-top of everything. We never had to chase her. In the end our paperwork was all sorted very quickly and without issue. We highly recommend her.

Charlotte and Austin moved to France over Christmas 2018 and needed help getting several things in order. They have a small child and getting her into creche and navigating the healthcare system were priorities. They also needed to set up a business and register their car.

Andrew; British

Delphine is dedicated, highly professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and very patient! She dealt with a range of officials on the telephone and helped with correspondence. She responded quickly and clearly to my repeated requests for help with complex situations, and made dealing with bureaucracy a huge amount easier and more pleasant.

Andrew needed help navigating our complex French social taxes. This required a number of phone calls and correspondence to various government organisations to correctly understand the nature of the problem Andrew was dealing with. Once this was clear, I helped him rectify his status and complete his registration, file his declarations online and make the necessary payments.

David Wiliams; embarrassed to be British

Delphine was exceptionally professional and patient throughout. She took time to explain the systems and what I was required to do. She even highlighted gaps in the knowledge of the so-called professionals whom I was paying at the time to manage some of the affairs in question. Not only was her knowledge better than some of the accountants, notaires and immobiliers I was using, but she also recommended more efficient solutions than those offered by the professionals. I would be very happy to recommend her services to friends, colleagues and family in the future.

I helped David navigate the French healthcare, taxation and bureaucratic system and assisted him in the sale of a property.

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